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Monday, March 28, 2011

So Busy

I am so sorry I have been away so long. This has been such a busy season for me. As a Hairstylist I have a very busy life this time of year but it is starting to wind down. We started re doing the outside of our home on President Day weekend. It was a mess, with such cold spurts many plants had to be cut back to the ground. We got rid of ALL the mulch and put down rock we also resodded half our back yard. I painted our gust bath this pretty soft color and I am still doing touch ups I think I will be touch up painting for the rest of my life.
Hugs Merri


  1. Well, I see that you've been like me... not posting too much, but I am glad you are back now -- I'm glad I'm back now too! Looks like you've done a lot of work, good for you. Want to come help me now? ;)

  2. P.S. How did you do with your shelves in your dining room? (Or was it a buffet table or something?) Show us! :)