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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Change has come

I feel like I am always apologizes for not keeping up here and even at home. With so many projects I can't seem to get it together or just finish one. So I decided to get to one at a time and put everything on else on hold until I finish the one I started. So here I am with my latest I WILL FINISH THIS project. A few years back we purchased three book cases and put them together with trim. The counter stools I recovered with a drop cloth that I hand painted and finally I found those cute herb crates that The lettered cottage showed off a LONG time ago so here are pictures of my to do and FINISH list

So I decided to paint my cabinets the uppers Navajo white and the lowers a turquoise aged with a dark espresso I purchased this fabric to make new cushions for my stools, and to cover the back of the bookcases and to make a bench cover after I paint them. I think I might go with a dark espresso

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I am usually not a fan but this is a baby and he is good for my garden his name is Black Racer and he is welcome in my garden as long as he stays OUTSIDE!

New additons to my garden

This year I decided to try and grow Roses and Veggies. The veggies I put in a large container so my Pups and the Rabbits and Squirrel's wouldn't damage them, plus I have on dog that will eat anything.I only did Red Peppers, Cucumbers, and Basil And my flowers well yes there is a theme its Pink. My house is Yellow so all my Flowers are Pink, Purple and White.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Genisis makes me so happy

I went nuts when it came down to buying a new grill. The last grill we had was huge and expensive. It only lasted 5 years it had so many hidden screws that completely rusted out. We tried to replace parts and it was more cost effective to buy new.When looking at new grills I fell in love with a grill by kitchen aide the name is KITCHEN AIDE for goodness sakes it has to be wonderful, so I purchased it immediately then I came home and went back on line and looked up the reviews. Only to be a sad girl the reviews were horrible and I found out Kichen Aide does NOT make grills they leased out there name( for what you ask... MONEY)Can you believe? So after another round of who makes the best grill under $5,000.00 (almost)the winner is WEBER

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hang it up!

Well after begging and pleading my husband finally hung it up. All the other televisions are hung on the walls in our home ,but there UGLY wires still are in view. Not the family room though they are completely out of sight. YIPPEE! I will show the whole project after I finish the painting. The way we hid the wires was with a product we purchased from DATACOMM it was so,so easy and you don't need to relocate your electric outlet, it only makes it look like you did.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Painting a new color

In this picture you can see the color that was there before. Now I just need to finish paint the other shelves and put the pictures back up and then I can call this space done.
It is funny I never liked blue. Even when our son was a baby his room was more of a gray than blue. But there is a whole world of GORGEOUS BLUES ot there so I deceided to try one

Continued from last post

We cleaned out all the mulch and added creek stone
So far I like it , lets see how it does if we have a huricane this year YIKES!