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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dad & Daughter

So on Sunday I dropped my husband off at the airport he went to New york to visit our Beautiful daughter (yes I am that old my baby lives on her own in the BIG Apple.) I was so excited for them to see each other. It has been almost 2 years. I know you are saying how can a parent go without seeing their child for so long? Well our child happens to LOVE to travel so she packed up and went to South America for a little over a year and then decided she was going to move to NY. So with working 2 jobs he just couldn't manage to take off from both at the same time. Anyway he finally did and guess what neither one of them took a FREAKIN picture can you believe!? So I will post some of them anyway.

Now wouldnt it have been nice if they were sitting in that cab or even on it, and standing in front of those buildings? I guess I can't have everything.

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  1. Greetings! I just discovered your blog and I just became a Follower. That is SO nice of your husband to visit your daughter in NYC. It must have been so nice for them to be together, just the two of them. I was VERY close to my father. (I was an only child!) And your daughter looks so cute! I am from New York too. I miss it very much. Well, nice meeting you and I will be back to visit!
    Best regards,