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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First phase of bedroom re-decorating

Hi Everyone I am new at blogging so bear with me please. I first got introduced to this world from browsing and found Twice Remembered Her space is so nice and Kim seems like a doll, and that's how I became addicted. I have been thinking about joining for a while now and thought I would take the plunge. I have been a DIYer for a long time and love it. I like all things creative. Now I will attempt to post my latest project. I made a frame for my bathroom mirror it was easy and I know been there done that, but I wanted to start with something so here goes. Don't you just love the mess? It is nice when it's in someone elses house. Anyway the blue tape has since been removed.


  1. we have been looking for mirrors for the bathrooms but the big ones are all ridiculously expensive and the mirrors we have hanging around the house just dont seem to fit. this idea is genius and we are goign to TRY IT! amazing job.

  2. I want to do this! How do you attach the frame to the mirror??