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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Hump Day (middle of the week)

Happy Hump Day Everyone,
So after I painted the bathroom I had to do the bedroom because they connect and you know how it is once you start one project it just seems everything needs an up date. So so far I have added new paint and linens for both rooms a new frame for the mirror next will be painting some already existing accessories So here is what I have done so far.I also added a new ceiling fan which I love.

Merri :)
PS Please buy dawn dish wash when you purchase Dish wash they donate proceeds for cleaning and careing for the oil soaked birds

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  1. Hello! I was just looking over some of your older posts, I know you are new to blogging (me too). This room looks gorgeous! I love red. Looking forward to seeing more pics. Oh, and I have purchased the Dawn dishwashing liquid because they donate the dollar to Wildlife, but do you realize that you have to go onto the internet and plug in some number so that they will know you purchased it and THEN they will donate the dollar? Yeah, I know, I didn't know it either. My son found out when he read the bottle, so he went online and did it... Doesn't seem right... They don't advertise THAT!