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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let's Be Honest

OK Lets be honest. Well every Monday for as long as I can remember I CLEAN and when I say clean I mean CLEAN! I do from the ceiling fans to the floors. Every nook and cranny gets washed! Then on Tuesday my other day off I run errands and then I finish CLEANING, because of course you need to go over what you did the day before not all but some . Then I PRAY!!!! That is I PRAY it will stay clean but it never does I always have to start the whole thing over again the following Monday. Actually it starts looking a bit messy by Saturday because by then I have NO strength left to keep picking up shoes and cups and what ever else my husband and son leave around the house. On top of it when I mention to them to pick up I am called a nag. Whats a woman to do? Now you know why projects take so long to get done around here, because I am CLEANING! Who the heck has the time? When I am not CLEANING I am cooking or washing the car and dogs and oh yeah and I WORK. The pictures you see are of my sons room being painted and my daughters room being used to store my sons stuff while his room is being painted. He was supposed to do this over summer vacation. He bugged me to death to let HIM repaint his room. So now I am finishing what he started. And then you have our sitting room and our dining room which never get used but still have to be dusted and vacuumed, and the master bedroom. So this is what my house looks like when I am cleaning. If you deceide to drop by PLEASE come on Wednesday,thats when my home looks like the pictures you bloggers post. So let me ask you. Does your home stay clean? Or do you take those pretty pictures that you all post after you have cleaned?

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  1. No, my house does NOT stay clean. This is why I never post pictures of my house! I have been "putting up new valances" in the kitchen for the past few months. The new valances were not put up yet; I also recently bought fabric to maybe make curtains and forget the valances because the pattern color of the material matched and I loved it; and so it still looks a mess, with nothing up; hence, no blog pics yet. Maybe when people take pretty pics of their home for their blog, they move all the junk to one side of the room, then take the picture? Well, this is what I would do anyway... :)