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Monday, August 2, 2010

Teen Son

In addition to his room we have been shopping for school clothes. Oh if you have a teen you know the JOY in shopping with them. Beleive it or not I find boys to be worse. Girls will spend and shop you to death but at the same time thaey actually know what they like here is a picture of how happy my son was while shopping

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  1. LOL! Your son looks like MY son with that face on! Actually, my son likes to go shopping, as long as I want to buy whatever HE wants - If I suggest something, forget it. Luckily, he is 19, so he goes and shops for himself mostly now. Sometimes though, when we are out, I still try to get him to buy stuff I like. Even if I say I will treat him, it depends on his mood whether or not he gets it and throws me a 'crumb' to allow me to buy something that I like for him!