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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hair Day

OK today I must talk about Hair.
I have been a licensed Cosmetologist for 27 Yrs and I really need to let you in on a few secrets. Rinsing your hair with cold water DOES NOT make your hair shinny. That is an old tale. Look it up. Next if you want smooth hair don't blow dry your hair when it is very wet, your arms will get tired and one side will look better than the other also I have found it leaves you with less body and bounce. Next to smooth the cuticle of the hair blow dry from root to end your hair will be smoother and please please don't put the dryer on your brush while drying. The dryer has little metal parts and it BURNS your hair use the little gadget that comes with your blower to help direct the air. And last but not least try and pick a style that goes with the texture of your hair. Don't pick a straight style if your hair is supper curly unless you want to work hard and don't pick a curly wavy style if your hair is stick straight

All of these style look great on everyone they just need to be modified to the shape of your face and texture of your hair. For instance if you have a round face and your hair is curly DON'T cut to chin length! Leave the front longer have it cut on an angle where it gets longer in the front. And ladies BANGS are wonderful I know some of you don't like anything on your foreheads but honestly some of you NEED BANGS!
Bangs cover a tons of things they perk you up and for us gals over 30 they make you look YOUNGER! But you must find the right bang for you. A short forehead needs a thin long bang, thinning hair in the front a thicker bang will hide your scalp and make it appear that the hair is thicker in the front try the start out long even do a side sweep but try them


  1. Oh, how I wish I had long, straight hair! Alas, I must work with my curly, wavy hair. But, the bottom line is: I'm grateful for whatever the good Lord gave me! :)

  2. We were on the same wavelength, huh? :) Great tips--thank you!

    I realized about three years ago that I needed bangs--the long and side-swooped. But the recent thick and straight look has been a fun change of pace. :) Now if I just had someone to style it and do my makeup every morning to look like Katie... :)