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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Changes in more ways than one

OK so I am getting older. YUCK! Tomorrow is my birthday but I will just say I am celebrating the 16Th anniversary of my 30Th birthday. I find with each decade my taste changes. Thank goodness because I once loved black leather and gold and glass accents not on their own together. Get the idea.

Pictures from

OK so now that you understand where I am coming from you will see how much my decor ting ideas have changed. I also find that I like less and less What I mean by that is STUFF to me less is more A few years back I was in love with South Western style and while I still like the colors and rustic wood all the stuff makes me nervous

Pictures from my old home
Sorry for the blurry pictures. Any way in a few days I will be posting new pictures and you will see that all though I still like some of those elements my Taste and style has changed and so has all the STUFF!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I just had one myself last weekend -- I celebrated my 22nd birthday! (of MY 30th year, that is. LOL!) Looking forward to seeing the new pictures of your "taste and style change" over the years.
    Best regards,